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Unlock the Secret to Solving Sydney's Housing Crisis

Discover How Investing in Inhouse Granny Flats Can Transform Your Property Portfolio and Empower Communities

"Renters are facing an even worse fate throughout 2023, with housing costs skyrocketing, vacancy rates dire and supply of properties drying up by the week."

Craig Francis

Source: Australian Property Investor>

Granny flats, also known as accessory dwelling units or secondary suites, are self-contained living spaces typically built on the same property as a primary residence. Over the years, granny flats have gained popularity in Sydney as an attractive investment opportunity, thanks to their potential for high rental yields and their role in addressing the demand for affordable housing in the city. We aim to explore the investment opportunities in granny flats built by Inhouse Granny Flats, focusing on the investor perspective.


Granny flat designs to choose from or let us design a custom one for you.


Renting a granny flat in Australia has been reported at around $200 - $600 per week. *Guide only.


Over 200 Granny Flat projects completed every year.

Reasons to Invest in Granny Flats in Sydney

  1. High demand for affordable housing: The growing population in Sydney has led to increased demand for affordable housing options. Granny flats offer an ideal solution to this issue, providing cost-effective living spaces for renters while generating income for property owners.
  2. Ageing population and need for downsizing options: As the population in Sydney continues to age, many seniors are looking for smaller, low-maintenance living options that allow them to age in place. Granny flats provide an attractive alternative for this demographic, further increasing their demand.
  3. Attractive rental yields and strong return on investment: Due to their relatively low construction costs and high rental demand, granny flats can generate impressive rental yields and return on investment for property owners.
  4. Flexibility and adaptability: Granny flats are versatile structures that can be customized to suit various purposes, from housing elderly relatives to providing a home office or studio space.

"There is a surging rental crisis in Sydney, where renters have faced an 11% increase in the past year, according to data from CoreLogic. And with vacancy rates across the country averaging just 1.2% across all capital cities, it has left many extremely anxious about the prospect of trying to find appropriate housing."

Core Logic

Source: The Guardian >

Seize the Opportunity Amid Sydney's 2023 Rental Crisis: Invest in Granny Flats to Generate Lucrative Returns and Alleviate the City's Housing Shortage


In 2023, Sydney is facing an unprecedented rental crisis, leaving many residents struggling to find affordable housing options. Rising interest rates have made it increasingly difficult for potential homeowners to secure loans, further exacerbating the demand for rental properties. As a result, the rental market has become fiercely competitive, with prices soaring and availability shrinking.

The changes to the first home buyers incentive schemes have also contributed to the growing crisis. Once an attractive solution for many aspiring homeowners, these schemes are no longer as appealing or beneficial as they were in the past. Consequently, more people are being forced to stay in the rental market, placing even more pressure on an already strained housing supply.

This rental crisis in Sydney not only affects the residents searching for affordable housing but also presents a unique opportunity for savvy investors to capitalise on the high demand for rental properties. By investing in alternative housing solutions, such as granny flats, investors can contribute to alleviating the housing shortage while simultaneously generating lucrative returns on their investments.

Granny flats offer a cost-effective and practical solution to the rental crisis, providing much-needed additional living spaces that cater to a wide range of tenants. From young professionals to growing families and even ageing parents, these versatile dwellings can accommodate diverse needs and preferences, helping to address the growing demand for rental properties in Sydney.

As the rental crisis in Sydney continues to escalate, it is crucial for property investors to recognise the potential of granny flats as a means of both addressing the city's housing shortage and optimising their own investment returns. By embracing this innovative housing solution, investors can help to alleviate the burden on Sydney's residents and contribute to a more sustainable and affordable future for the city.

Inhouse Granny Flats: A Trusted Partner for Investors

Investing in granny flats can be a rewarding venture, but it's essential to partner with a reputable builder who understands the specific needs of investors. Inhouse Granny Flats is a leading Sydney-based builder specialising in custom granny flats. They offer a range of services, including design, construction, and project management, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for investors. With a commitment to quality and compliance with all relevant regulations, Inhouse Granny Flats is the perfect partner to help you maximise your investment potential.

Key Factors to Consider Before Investing in Granny Flats in Sydney

  1. Location and local demand: Research the local property market to understand the demand for granny flats in the area and identify the best locations for your investment.
  2. Legal and zoning regulations: Familiarise yourself with the local council regulations and zoning requirements for granny flats to ensure compliance.
  3. Financing options and potential government incentives: Explore various financing options and investigate any available government incentives to help fund your granny flat project.
  4. Design and construction considerations with Inhouse Granny Flats: Work closely with Inhouse Granny Flats to select the best design and construction options to maximise your investment returns.

"Without new properties coming to market, the situation is likely to get worse, says Steve Mann, CEO, UDIA NSW.

“Rising rents are purely representative of demand outstripping supply. We simply do not have enough rental properties to satisfy people’s needs,” Mann says."

Steve Mann, CEO, UDIA NSW

Source: Financial Review >

Steps to Successfully Invest in Granny Flats with Inhouse Granny Flats

  1. Research and planning: Begin by conducting thorough research on the local market and potential investment opportunities.
  2. Engage Inhouse Granny Flats for professional assistance: Reach out to Inhouse Granny Flats to discuss your project and receive expert guidance.
  3. Select the right design and builder for your investment: Work with Inhouse Granny Flats to choose the best design and construction options to suit your investment goals.
  4. Marketing and tenant management strategies: Develop a marketing plan to attract the right tenants and establish effective tenant management practices to ensure a successful investment.

Potential Challenges and Pitfalls for Granny Flat Investors in Sydney

  1. Managing construction costs and timelines: Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the construction costs and expected timelines to avoid unexpected expenses or delays.
  2. Ensuring compliance with regulations: Work with Inhouse Granny Flats to ensure that your project meets all local council regulations and requirements.
  3. Addressing neighbourhood concerns: Be prepared to address any concerns raised by neighbours, and consider their input when planning your granny flat project.
  4. Maintaining rental occupancy rates: Keep an eye on local market trends and adjust your rental rates and marketing strategies as needed to maintain high occupancy rates and secure long-term tenants.

Expand Your Property's Potential: Keep Valued Tenants with a Granny Flat Solution that Boosts Your Rental Returns and Adapts to Modern Living

As an investor, retaining good tenants is crucial for maintaining consistent rental income and minimising vacancy periods. If your tenants require more space due to a growing family or changing needs, adding a granny flat to your property presents an ideal solution.

Instead of risking the loss of reliable tenants, you can optimise rental returns by accommodating their evolving requirements. Granny flats not only provide extra living space for larger families but also serve as perfect home offices for those working remotely, whether they are employed or running their own businesses.

By offering this versatile and appealing option, you can strengthen your relationship with your tenants and secure a stable, long-term investment.

We Design

We offer a custom design process, allowing you to create a granny flat layout that fits your land and needs. With the help of our expert builders and architects, you can design your dream granny flat. Choose InHouse Granny Flats for a personalised experience.

We Build

Our self-contained dwellings increase rental income or provide extra living space, with no hidden fees and a range of inclusions. Our experienced builders handle the construction process from start to finish, making it a smart investment choice.

We Manage

We ensure hassle-free management of your new granny flat with pre-approved tenants, completed certificates, tailored management, routine inspections, and rent reviews.

Experience The Difference

Find out why we are different.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Granny Flat Investment with Inhouse Property Agents: Seamless Management for Maximum Returns

Secure Pre-Approved Tenants Before Occupation: Imagine a streamlined process that secures reliable, pre-approved tenants even before your granny flat is ready for occupation. Our meticulous tenant selection ensures responsible occupants from day one, optimising your rental income without delays.

Experience Tailored Management for Your Unique Investment Needs: Every investor is unique, and our tailored management approach caters to your specific goals and expectations. Work closely with our expert property agents to develop a customised strategy that aligns with your vision, ensuring your investment thrives.

Maintain Your Property's Value with Regular Routine Inspections: Preserve the quality of your investment with our thorough, regular routine inspections. Address maintenance issues promptly, stay informed about your property's condition, and prevent potential problems down the line.

Stay Competitive with Regular Rent Reviews and Market Analysis: Maximise your returns by staying ahead in the dynamic rental market. Our In House Property Agents conduct regular rent reviews and market analyses, ensuring your granny flat remains competitive and continues to generate optimal returns.

Choose Inhouse Granny Flats and In-House Property Agents for unparalleled granny flat property management services. Protect and grow your investment with our expertise, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a truly hassle-free investment journey. Get started today!

Case Studies and Success Stories with Inhouse Granny Flats

  1. Profiles of successful granny flat investors in Sydney: Learn from the experiences of other investors who have successfully built granny flats with Inhouse Granny Flats, and apply their insights to your own project.
  2. Lessons learned and best practices from Inhouse Granny Flats projects: Gain valuable knowledge from the successes and challenges faced by Inhouse Granny Flats in previous projects, helping you to avoid common pitfalls and maximise your investment returns.
  3. Long-term outcomes and benefits for investors: Understand the long-term benefits of investing in granny flats, such as steady rental income, increased property value, and the potential for financial security in retirement.


Investing in granny flats in Sydney with Inhouse Granny Flats presents a promising opportunity for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and capitalise on the high demand for affordable housing in the city.

By considering the key factors outlined here and working closely with Inhouse Granny Flats, investors can navigate potential challenges and maximise their returns.

We encourage you to explore the exciting world of granny flat investments in Sydney and invite you to engage with Inhouse Granny Flats for further resources and support in your investment journey.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Granny Flats: Versatile Solutions for Families, Workspaces, and Lifestyles that Enhance Your Property's Appeal and Value


Accommodating ageing parents: Granny flats provide a comfortable, self-contained living space for elderly parents, allowing them to maintain their independence while staying close to family.

Expanding living space for a growing family: As families grow, a granny flat offers an additional dwelling unit to accommodate older children or extended family members.

Home office or workspace: For remote workers or small business owners, a granny flat can serve as a dedicated, quiet workspace separate from the main house.

Guest accommodation: Granny flats can be used to comfortably house guests, providing privacy and convenience during their stay.

Rental income generation: Renting out a granny flat offers a steady stream of passive income for property owners.

Art or music studio: Creative individuals can utilise a granny flat as a personal studio space for their artistic pursuits.

Exercise or wellness room: A granny flat can be transformed into a private gym or wellness room, offering a dedicated space for fitness and relaxation activities.

Adult children moving back home: A granny flat can provide privacy and independence for adult children who return to live with their parents for various reasons.

Respite care or disability support: Granny flats can be customized to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities or those requiring respite care, offering accessible and comfortable living arrangements.

Home-based business: A granny flat can house a small home-based business, providing a separate space for clients or customers, and keeping the business operations distinct from the main living area.

Entertainment or game room: A granny flat can be used as a dedicated space for entertainment, such as a game room or home theatre, keeping noise and activity separate from the main house.


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  • Ensure feasibility of investment
  • Avoid wasting time and money
  • Determine if a granny flat can be built before purchasing the property


  • Customise granny flat design
  • Ensure compliance with local council regulations
  • Assess land characteristics that can impact construction


  • Optimise investment
  • Increase rental income
  • Add value to your property
  • Provide additional living space for family or guests

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